Barre Beats

Suitable for all fitness levels

BarreBeats is a ballet-barre and pilates inspired class set to a pumping playlist. Build a lean, toned dancer’s physique as you lengthen, strengthen and define your entire body. Small hand weights are optional to really pump up the volume of this workout 🔥

Sculpt and Shred with Grace, Power and Purpose

The benefits of BarreBeats
Looking at the physiques of ballerinas it is evident that ballet is demanding on the body and can have a profound effect on the body physically: Muscles become more defined, toned and stronger. The body has to stabilise around many joints to allow limbs to move freely; the core has to work incredibly hard as the body twists and legs are held high; single-leg work increases strength and balance… the list of benefits is really endless!

There are a huge amount of physical and psychological benefits of BarreBeats. Here are just some of them:
• Develops and improves balance
• Enjoyable way to exercises
• Improves coordination
• Strengthens the core
• Isolated muscle contractions to work individual small muscles
• Sculpts the body
• Torches calories by using large compound movements
• Improves flexibility and mobility
• Improves joint control
• Strengthens the whole body
• Focus on foot and ankle strength which is often neglected
• Low impact cardio-vascular training

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